Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Your Getaway


How can I book my travel dates?

Call our Vacation Specialists at 800.845.1995 or visit us at to make your reservation. Don’t forget—if you book your travel dates within 30 days of the purchase date of your Bluegreen Getaways vacation, you will receive an additional $25 gift card when you travel! Please refer to the specific details of your gifts found on your Acceptance Form.


How long do I have to use my Bluegreen Getaways vacation?

Travel must be completed within 12 months of the purchase date of your vacation package.


Can I reschedule my travel dates?

If you need to reschedule, please notify us at least 14 days prior to your scheduled check-in date to avoid the $125 Late Cancellation Fee. If you have a confirmed reservation and fail to show up on the arrival date, you will be charged a $200 No-Show Fee and any prepaid fees or deposits will be forfeited.


Can family or friends that also purchased a Bluegreen Getaways vacation travel at the same time as me, to the same location?

Because we tailor each presentation to the vacation interests of each individual family, we do not allow group travel.



Receiving Your Gifts


When do I receive my gift(s)?

You will receive your gift(s) upon your completion of the approximately two-hour timeshare sales presentation and tour (or sooner if required by law). Some guests may have received a point-of-sale gift accompanying their Bluegreen Getaways vacation on the purchase date.



Upgrading Your Vacation Experience


Can I upgrade or add additional nights to my Getaway?

Contact our Vacation Specialists at 800.845.1995 for personal assistance.



Understanding Your Accommodations

Where will I be staying?

The Hotel Getaways and Hotel Land & Sea Getaways include accommodations at an independently owned and operated select area hotel. The Resort Land & Sea Getaways, Resort Getaways and Resort Explorers include accommodations at a Bluegreen Vacations resort.


Can I bring my pet?

Our hotel and resort accommodations are pet-free; however, if traveling on our RV Resort Getaway in your personal RV, a maximum of two household pets, each up to 50 lbs. are permitted.


Do I need a debit card or major credit card to participate in this promotion?

Yes, you must have a valid personal debit card bearing a Visa® or MasterCard® logo or a personal major credit card bearing a Visa,® American Express,® MasterCard® or Discover® logo for participation in this promotion, and for check-in and incidentals during your stay.


Why are the vacation packages so inexpensive?

As a thank you for showing interest in our vacation program, we subsidize the cost of your getaway. We make our vacations affordable because it gives us the opportunity to show you and your family our beautiful resorts and how you may be able to travel for less in the future. 


The Bluegreen Vacations Presentation


What can I expect when I tour?

A first-hand look at Bluegreen Vacations without any pressure, hassles or stress.


When will I attend the tour?

Your presentation day and time will be assigned upon check in.


Who is required to attend the presentation?

If married or cohabitating with a significant other, the couple is required to visit and attend the timeshare sales presentation together (except where prohibited by law).


Do I have to purchase a Bluegreen Vacation Club® interest?

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a Bluegreen Vacation Club interest; however, we are confident that you will like what you see, and that you’ll find Bluegreen Vacations timeshare ownership to be a great value!



Planning Your Explorer Vacation


How can I book my Explorer vacation?

Our expert Vacation Specialists are available to book your Explorer vacation at 888.556.6540. Because of the special access to resort inventory and tailored customer experience, Explorer customers are unable to be book travel dates online at this time.


With the Explorer vacation, where will I be staying?

With the Explorer, accommodations are a choice of a studio, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom unit (types of units available vary by resort) at one of the Bluegreen resorts featured within this book. Orlando Resort Explorer Vacation customers’ initial stay must take place in an Orlando resort offered with the Explorer vacation package.


Can I use the seven nights all at once?

The Explorer vacation allows you to experience Bluegreen Vacations’ amazing resort accommodations, with seven nights that can be customized to your satisfaction. You can enjoy one relaxing seven-night escape or up to three separate vacations throughout the year (each stay must be at least two nights and are based on availability). If booking a seven-night stay, you will experience greater degree of availability when you book well in advance.


When is the best time to travel with the Explorer vacation?

Anytime is the best time to travel with the Explorer vacation. Keep in mind, one reservation is permitted between May 15th through August 15th due to very limited availability.


Can I book more than one room at a time with the Explorer vacation?

You may reserve up to two units per stay based on availability; however, the two units will count as two separate stays with regard to the total nights that accompany the Explorer vacation. Note, the total nights including the extra room must not exceed the Resort Explorer’s seven nights, unless you have purchased additional nights from our Vacation Specialists.


What does the Explorer Equity Credit mean?

During your Explorer vacation, you’ll learn about the advantages of vacation ownership. If you decide to join over 185,000 families who trust Bluegreen Vacations to deliver memories that last a lifetime, you will receive an equity credit which is one hundred percent of the purchase price of your Explorer will be applied towards the down payment for your ownership in the Bluegreen Vacation Club.


When will I attend the tour during my Explorer vacation?

The timeshare sales presentation and tour is required (unless prohibited by law) during your stay or only during your initial stay if you are dividing the total days and nights accompanying the Explorer vacation package into multiple stays.


If I elected to pay for my Explorer in payments, when do I pay the balance?

If you elected to pay for your Explorer vacation in two installments, the remaining balance must be paid in full upon booking your travel dates with one of our expert Vacation Specialists.



Setting Sail with Your Land & Sea Getaway


Why must I book my Carnival cruise through Vacation Tour and Travel?

Vacation Tour and Travel is a leading provider of Carnival Cruise Lines has serviced Bluegreen Vacations customers for fifteen plus years. Vacation Tour and Travel shares our dedication to exceeding customers’ expectations.


How can I book my Carnival cruise?

To reserve your Carnival cruise travel dates please have your cruise certificate at hand and call Vacation Tour & Travel’s Cruise Counselors at 800.816.0205. They are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm CST.


What accommodations are included with my Carnival cruise certificate?

The cruise certificate is valid for accommodations in an entry level 1A cabin for two adults sailing on a 3-, 4-, or 5-day cruise (double occupancy required).


Can I upgrade or add additional nights to my Carnival cruise?

Yes, you can inquire about opportunities to upgrade your cabin, ship, departure port or length of your cruise vacation by calling a Vacation Tour & Travel Cruise Counselor at 800.816.0205.


How long do I have to use my Carnival cruise certificate?

Travel must be completed within 18 months of the cruise certificate issue date. Please note that reservations are based on availability, which is limited during major holidays.


Am I responsible for any fees or taxes in correlation with the Carnival cruise?

Yes, you are responsible for agency fees, government taxes and fees and port charges per person (required at time of booking), as well as transportation, parking fees and airfare. Taxes, port fees and agency fees vary by port and range from $123.16 to $199.47 per person.